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"Consultant Audit" LLC became a member of the International network of independent firms JPA International

On January 20, 2021, in Paris, a contract was signed between Consultant Audit LLC and the International Network of Independent Firms JPA International about joining the network.

The concept of JPA International was developed by Jacques Potdevin and his vision became reality when, in 1987, the network was created in order to help professional accountants members to grow and develop internationally. Initially, the network was European, but it has rapidly spread worldwide
An international network of independent accountancy firms, auditors and consultants working under a common code of ethics in order to provide high quality service to our clients throughout the world.
JPA International is present in 80 countries
An approachable structure whose partners are established all over Europe, North Africa, Asia, North, Central and South America
20Th International Network by the Accountancy Age 2018 Worldwide ranking
The Accountancy Age Top 20 International Networks 2018 promotes excellence in the accountancy industry worldwide by ranking accountancy organizations by combined annual total income. Figures are collected from individual questionnaires, websites and other publicly available material. The ranking has been compiled based on data collected in Autumn 2018.
4 500 high skilled professionals at your service providing services to local, national and international clients, 50 000 clients, doing business within a wide range of activities : Aerospatiale, bank, finance, agriculture, building, chemical industry, communication, engineering, energy, health, insurance, real estate, non-profit organization, building, industry, transport, tourism …

Experts from our operational commissions analyze trends and provide answers in order to maintain the network to the highest level of expertise:

International Tax Club

Corporate Finance Center

JPA International is member of the Forum of Firms

An association of networks of international accounting firms that perform transnational audits